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Children's Storybooks

The Traweeks have always been friends of the family. Jackie's mother in law and my mother taught for years together in EBJH. Her husband and I grew up in EB together, then ended up attending UofH together. And our first children were born just a day apart from each other, so we shared milestones with our girls as they grew. When Jackie told me she was starting her own Pre-K I told her to put down our oldest and any other children we had on her waiting list. 5 years later, all three of our children have attended Little Brahma Barn. And the Traweeks are no longer just friends, they are FAMILY. I know that they will learn, be held accountable for their actions, get dirty, have fun, and be loved by Jackie and her teachers. I wish we had more children, just so we could continue to be a LBB family! 

Morgan F.

We didn't think twice about enrolling our son into the Preschool program at 3 years old. Centered around fun and God sold us on the program immediately! Starting the kids young is a huge advantage to a child's education. We are forever grateful we invested into our child's future and made the right choice.

Mrs Jackie treats all of her chickens as if they were her own. Even after they graduate LBB, she still keeps up with them and their achievements. She definitely holds a special place in our hearts. 

Oscar attended two years with Mrs. Jackie and we are definitely grateful for the early education he received there. He is a 1st grader now and is on the Distinguished Honor Roll every report card. He is reading above his grade level. He is great at math. I have Mrs. Jackie to thank for that. Thank you LBB!!

Maria S.

School Supplies

 Mrs. Jackie takes great care of all her little chickens! I am still very glad we decided to put "Linda" in her care when she was of age. She was beyond prepared for Kindergarten. Her loving care and way of teaching through play and just letting them be kids is just amazing. Mrs. Jackie will always have a special place in our hearts!!

Charolette A.

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