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Meet our Fabulous LBB Team

Jackie Traweek


LBB Herd Teacher

Aliska Willever

Lead Teacher 

Chicken Coop

Mrs. A started with LBB in 2018 and has been at our center location since 2021. She grew up in this town and has a preschool aged child.  She understands the importance of a kind, graceful and patient Christian Caregiver. 

You may also recognize her from her local business in town named "Souly Beautiful."

Mrs. A looks at her LBB position as a ministry to the community and we are so grateful she is here!!

Jolany Chevez

Lead Teacher 

Bucket Calves

Miss Jo started in September of 2021 as kitchen help and quickly built relationships with all of our students! She is the most amazing fit for our youngest crew! Not only does she understand the importance of letting children play and make messes to learn, but she also brings a cheerful attitude and a willingness to meet all children where they are! 

Coming Soon

Mrs. Emily

Miss Brooke

Mrs. Morgan

Coop/ Calves Co Teacher

Mrs. Emily joined our team in 2022 and we are so grateful for her! They moved here from Arkansas last summer and her daughter is one of our preschoolers. 

Not only did Emily fill a spot we greatly needed in our LBB family, but she is also a certified teacher! We are so lucky she chose LBB as her first gig in Texas! 

HERD afternoon Teacher ​

Miss Brooke began working for LBB when we were still at our original home location. It has been a pleasure to watch her grow with our program from an assistant to a phenomenal Jack of All Trades! 

Not only does Brooke excel in her relationships with staff and students, but she is great at coming up with fun activities the students enjoy, stepping in when we need her in any capacity and showing a maturity beyond her years! 

Kitchen Super Hero 

Mrs. Morgan is our favorite because she feeds us! 

She started her relationship with LBB in our first year of operation when her oldest daughter came to Preschool.

Three children later, she is our kitchen lead and sometimes fills in when we need a sub.

We couldn't do LBB without Morgan Fritz!!

Coming Soon

Miss Mara

Afternoon Assistant

Miss Mara is the afternoon baby whisperer! We love her so much!!!

Miss Jessica

Classroom Helper

Jessica volunteers and helps with lunch hour breaks and gives Miss Jo support a few days a week. She is a ray of sunshine and we are happy to have her help! 

Coming Soon

Miss Lila

Afternoon Assistant

Miss Lila is always here when we need her and makes the biggest impact on our students with the most needs of positive intervention and connections! 

Super Subs

Monica "Grandmaw" Ward

Jacque Svatek

Alixon Cubias

Kara Riley

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